Trade Test for Skilled Workers:
Making a final Then comes trade test. We form a selection committee before making final decisions for appointment.
The selection committee before making a final Decisions for appointment. The selection committee includes representatives from different department in the company. The selection Committee carries out skills test of all skilled Manpower in the concerned discipline. Only those in the Concerned by the selection committee are selected for overseas employment.

Medical Checkup:
All short workers are sent to government Approved hospital or clinic for full medical Examination and check-up. Only after their Medical fitness for employment is confirmed. They will be eligible to sign the employment contract.

Travel Arrangement:
The travel arrangement is the final procedure. After getting visas of selected candidates, we make travel Arrangement. This also includes handling overall. The documents original passport, air ticket and government’s approval Letter, to the employer before departure. We trained them on all. The traveling procedures until they reach their destinations.