Devi Prasad Kafle

Dear clients, Greetings from all of us at Inspire International Employment Pvt. Ltd.! At Inspire International Employment Pvt. Ltd., there is a simple philosophy at work, clients are not our audience, but our success partners. And in their growth, lies our growth. So, whenever they are, Nepal or abroad, we are always in search of opportunities that will make them succeed in their respective professions. In continuation of this philosophy, we at Inspire International Employment Pvt. Ltd., Nepal’s leading government recognized recruiting organization, take great delight in helping the clients achieve what they seek. As thought leaders, we know, “job satisfaction for working people can only come if there is a right person for the right job”.

Our commitment towards this viewpoint has resulted into high-level satisfaction for both customers and job seekers. Which enable thousands of job seekers from across Nepal to find a job abroad. What’s more, our ultra-modern office, our well0qualified team, our extensive database of professionals and our smart selection criteria, all contribute to make us best in the recruitment industry. Reason why our customers share a pride to be associated with us, they know we will provide them with only the right people for the required assignment, whatever the constraint. Lastly, I would like to take this opportunity to extend my good wishes to our esteemed employers and job seekers who have helped us reach where we can rub without them this feat would not have been possible. Hope you all will continue to support us in our passion to change worlds.